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The decision to file bankruptcy can be one of the most difficult decisions in anyone’s life. It can be stressful , time consuming and yes, it also costs money. Even if you do not use an attorney you still have those pesky court filing costs and mandatory credit counseling fees. On top of that, bankruptcy law is hardly simple, especially after the law changed in 2005.

All those reasons are why we do not recommend filing bankruptcy without the assistance of an attorney. You also want not just any attorney, but one who is accomplished and will treat you and your situation with the respect you deserve.

If you are filing bankruptcy, the situation is stressful enough. The last thing you need is an attorney who is hard to reach or doesnt take the time to fully evaluate your case. A bankruptcy done wrong or incomplete can deny you the complete relief you are afforded under the bankruptcy code.

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An experienced attorney can help you do all of the following things, depending on your situation:

  • Keep your house

  • Keep your car

  • Stop a garnishment and recoup funds previously garnished

  • Stop a foreclosure

  • End ongoing litigation

  • Stop harassing creditors

  • File your case in the appropriate chapter


We offer a free initial consultation. To set up an appointment now, just call 770-551-9677 and ask for either Peter Bricks or Holley Bricks.


Bankruptcy Links

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