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Mediation Lawyer Atlanta:

Looking for a professional mediation lawyer in Atlanta? Meet Peter; registered mediator through the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution (GODR) helps you resolve your legal disputes peacefully and cost-effectively.


In 2014, Peter began to focus his practice on primarily personal injury cases for Plaintiffs, representing people who had suffered injuries. Over the past 10 years, he has handled hundreds of cases from the beginning of the claims process until the conclusion of the case. This usually has led to resolving countless cases through negotiated settlements or mediations with insurance companies.

Occasionally, when his client and the opposing parties were too far apart, this has resulted in jury trials, where Peter has been either the lead or sole counsel.

After participating in numerous mediations representing a party, Peter decided he should start mediating cases as well.


In January 2022, Peter became registered with the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution (GODR), and is currently listed as a registered neutral in various courts throughout the State of Georgia.

Whether you are seeking mediation voluntarily or by court order, let us assist you to protect your rights every step of the way!

Rates and Fees of Our Atlanta Mediation Lawyer:

Peter offers mediation rates that are tailored to those who want to go through the mediation process but do not want to pay exorbitant fees.

He offers morning, afternoon and full day sessions. If you need a different start time than what is listed below, please send an email ahead of time with your request.

Private ADR Fees (Virtual)

   General Civil Mediation

Who Can Hire a Mediation Lawyer?

The best way to manage a dispute is to avoid it altogether. When you're in a dispute, your goal should be to resolve it fairly and quickly. Filing legal action can be time-consuming and costly. Alternative dispute resolution methods (ADR), such as mediation or arbitration, are usually cheaper, faster, and less complicated than filing a lawsuit. But these options aren't for everyone — their use must be agreed on by all parties involved.


Some of the advantages of Mediation include:

  • Informal

  • Confidential

  • Quick and Inexpensive

Mediation generally produces or promotes:

  • Greater Degree of Party Control

  • Preservation of Relationships

  • Mutually Satisfactory Results

  • Comprehensive and Customized Agreements

  • A Foundation for Future Problem-Solving

Schedule an appointment with Peter Bricks at (770) 696-4577.


Mediation Lawyer Atlanta

Many people decide to resolve their disputes through mediation rather than going to court. This is because it encourages the parties to negotiate with each other in a cooperative and collaborative way.

Mark M

"We cant thank you enough for your time, expertise through this process! It was a pleasure meeting you and your staff. The process was smooth and seamless. And we always felt comfortable knowing you were representing us. Your firm will always resonate in our minds and hearts for the awesome job you performed!"

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