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Wills and Powers of Attorney

Wills and Powers of Attorney

Wills and Powers of Attorney

Although most individuals recognize the importance of preparing a will, they will put off the actual writing of the document until some future date uncertain. That’s because many people think of a will or testament as an “end of life” document that only has true relevance to the elderly. However, if you are married or have children, drafting a will is a good idea regardless of your age or net worth. The attorneys at the Bricks Law Group have been assisting families of all ages with their wills, and powers of attorney for years. Our team is prepared to answer any questions about testaments, trusts, or powers of attorney that you may have.

Wills and Powers of Attorney

Simply speaking, a will is a document that assigns another person to carry out your final instructions. Any information that the testator (person who is the subject of the will) has with regard to the distribution of assets, liquidation of debt, final disposal of their remains, care of their children, et cetera, should be documented in a will. Because Georgia has laws that govern estate distribution, it’s important to have a qualified, experienced estate planning lawyer review your will. The Jonesboro office of the Bricks Law Group can help you draft your will in a manner that is both personally satisfactory and legally valid.

Why Do I Need A Power of Attorney?

A will or testament can only be executed in the event of the death of the testator. For this reason, estate planners also recommend a power of attorney. In the even that you are injured, incapacitated, or unable to make decisions for yourself, a trusted person can make financial and other decisions for you until you recover. Many business partnerships insist on powers of attorney to hedge against the risk of unforeseen eventualities. If you own a business or a piece of a business, a power of attorney can be crucial in allowing ongoing operations to continue in your absence.

Estate Planning Attorneys Serviing Clients in Clayton County

For years, the attorneys at Bricks Law Group have been drafting wills and powers of attorneys for their Georgia clients. If you have a family, support dependents, own a business with partners or employees who depend on you, or just have concerns about what would happen if you were to become incapacitated or die unexpectedly, then you owe it to yourself to schedule an appointment with the Bricks Law Group. Knowing that your loved ones will be taken care of after you’re gone—however far down the road that may be—will give you the peace of mind to enjoy them while you are here.

To schedule an appointment at our Jonesboro, GA Office, contact us at (678) 825-3938.

Mark M

"We cant thank you enough for your time, expertise through this process! It was a pleasure meeting you and your staff. The process was smooth and seamless. And we always felt comfortable knowing you were representing us. Your firm will always resonate in our minds and hearts for the awesome job you performed!"

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